Kamis, 20 November 2014

Tips for saving time wedding photographers

The summer wedding photographers in the northern hemisphere can be quite hectic! Since the beginning of May I have portraits sessions 3-5 and 1-2 weddings a week - that is, before I have enough time to edit and process 

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complete a session / wedding before, so I'm already on to the next. Needless to say, that good time management is crucial to keep up. In this article I will discuss some time saving tips for busy photographers like me to share.
1) Be smart about victims pictures
Most of the pictures that I give to my clients who have to process more work they do, and edit. I try to present my clients with the best 600-800 pictures of the wedding. Not the 3000 images photographed my assistant and me. No need images, where they are, flash, or the light is not so flattering. No need 5 copies of the exact same pose. What do I want my customers (and what I would like if it were my wedding!) These are the best photos. Do not get rid of all the sections of the wedding, but I'm selective with photos that I give my clients. While at the wedding, I'm picky about what I roles. I try to be intentional with my shots, and am aware that you have not done shooting.
2) Photoshop AutoLoader
We all know that Lightroom is a wonderful tool for batch processing. But if you still prefer Photoshop, or if a job requires that you make changes in Photoshop AutoLoader is a valuable tool savings. Autoloader is a Photoshop plug-in, you can add a folder where you extract the images and select a different folder in which you will have your edited images to be saved in. Then, on the stir of a button (in my case as F1), autoloaders open the image in Photoshop from the source folder, it automatically performs the actions that you want to run (I have set myself perform at a level and assembly lines), will allow you time to do more changes, and then with the pressure on F1 again, the edited images in the folder is saved and the next image appears. This means you do not have to open and save each image. It is a time-saving trick in which changes will require the use of Photoshop.
3) Tool Cartoon Blogs
Blogging is an important part of running a successful photography business. Readers always want to go to your site to see the new content. Something that was a great time saver for me has with Photoshop cartoon plugin to create of the Code and the rush to my blog. As you can see on my photography blog in my blog, I like having a lot diptograph (ie, two images are displayed side by side as shown here). Cartoon diptographs make it immediately for me. Storyboard programmed to open a folder when I press the F2 key. Then choose two pictures side by side I would like in a post, and I think the cartoon diptograph for me. I have preprogrammed I like the diptograph is 600px by 5px between the two images. You can also do this by selecting the size of high-resolution images to smaller sizes. Or you can create three images next to each other ... whatever you want. It is fully customizable and easier for me to create my blog, to do everything manually in Photoshop.
If you do not want a third party tool like buying caricature, it can do the same manually in Photoshop. But be prepared to be involved in the process more time for this path, because it is a clear difference in the number of steps.
4) Transfer pictures from the second Shooters
One of the things that most of my second shooters find interesting is the method in which I your images (voiced by second shooter, I hope you had a chance to read the Homecoming hairstyles for short hair excellent article by Lola in hiring a second shooter have). I always wonder, after using the device name. I use a Sanho HyperDrive to collect pictures of my second shooter at the end of the night. It is very small and light, weighing just 10 ounces, so it easily fits in the camera bag (as opposed to a heavy laptop light). And directly to the computer via a UBS port so that you can upload your photos in a snap. I used to carry my laptop, leave your pictures on my laptop with a card reader, and then drag your images on an external hard drive and then hooked it to my computer hard outer primary desktop. It was a long time! I know some of you have your second shooters use their memory cards and then hold the cards. This device is very useful if the second shooter on their own cards burning.